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Promotional Video: A guide to riders How to choose the best tires for your riding, Wheel size: 26″, 27.5″ or 29″?

Client: the bike company Shekari-Group

script: Faezeh Shamspour

Director Of Photography & Edit: Vahid Dastmardi

Director: Vahid Dastmardi and Faezeh Shamspour

Riders: Shirin Zarinkolah & Hossein Zanjanin

Modern MTBs come in three different rim sizes.

559 mm – 26″ (it’s read: “26 inches”).

584 mm – 27.5″.

622 mm – 29″, or 29er (“twentyniner”).

26″ wheels are the strongest, and the easiest for maneuvering in tight spots, but they are the slowest-rolling.

29″ wheels are the opposite – weakest, but fastest rolling.

27.5″ are in between those two when it comes to pros and cons. With the most limited tire choice in the market (in my experience at least).

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