About me

Learning photography and photo retouching takes a lot of time. I’ve been retouching photos for 8 years. I’m still keeping in touch with learning (I don’t take or make beautiful pictures. I want to make a good Work of Art as a result ).

I graduated in cinema directing from University, and I’ve trained in digital painting and photo manipulation through various tutorials. Due to my interest in photography and painting, I started my professional career in photography and retouching in 2016. Also, I become savored whenever I am working with details in retouching, I believe it goes back to my personality.

I am a photographer and retoucher with experience in various industries for over 5 years. I did a lot of projects in advertising photography and commercial video fields.

Currently, I’m working as an advertising specialist at Shekari-group Company. Also, in addition, I make commercial videos and photos and create and implement social media and content for that company. As well, I am multi-skills in my career which led to developing in-house advertising teams and allowed us to save and reallocate 60% of the annual advertising budget and develop internal talent in Shekari-group Company.

I’ve honed my ability to align teams to work towards common goals and KPIs. I take a consultative approach and understand communication is critical to obtaining alignment. That’s why I flex to fit others’ communication styles to be more effective in a fast-paced environment with a cross-functioning team, it works. I have experience developing and executing social media and marketing, influencing decision-makers, and increasing engagement. I can learn quickly about new industries and markets, which helps to derive messaging and strategy for each organization I’ve worked with.

For me, culture is paramount in a workplace. I believe empowering employees and coworkers lead to increased productivity and instills a sense of pride. I’ll always bring a positive attitude and a desire to learn to any organization.

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